5G to the security will be what new changes

 News    |      2017-10-28
World Internet Conference today has entered the third day, according to the relevant media, China Telecom exhibited in the booth 5G technology. The speed of the laboratory has reached 10.32Gb per second, that is, if the size of a high-definition movie is 5G, then, 1 second can download two movies, known as "seconds to catch the drama." 

At present, most countries in the world have just begun to deploy 4G network, and 5G developed technology in Japan, its operators have been working with manufacturers to introduce 5G network, and further launch the transmission test. Recently, the Japanese operator NTTDocomo said that its high-rise buildings in Tokyo Roppongi conducted a 5G transmission test, the experiment started at 70GHz high frequency, and received more than 2Gbps ultra-high-speed data transmission performance. According to Samsung Electronics said the future 5G network transmission rate up to 10Gbps, while the current 4G network up to 100Mbps, almost increased by nearly 100 times. 

According to Gartner chief analyst Deborah Kish predicts that by 2016, 5G technology will be sufficient maturity to introduce product demonstrations and related tests; by 2020, 20% of large mobile operators and wireless network service providers to start testing or Selective deployment of 5G services, such as mobile and high-definition (UltraHD) audio and video services for businesses and consumers.

Now with the development of data communication and multimedia business needs, to adapt to mobile data, mobile computing and mobile multimedia needs 4G application development, has brought tremendous changes for various industries, especially the development of mobile Internet for all walks of life users To provide a subversive change, of course, ultimately, security. 

And 5G era will bring what changes, perhaps as some industry industry, said, 5G will not only the next generation of mobile communication technology, by 2020 or so, it can become connected with people, and even the whole world The communication platform. 

Video transmission industry is divided into cable transmission and wireless transmission. At present, the leading cable transmission video surveillance products and technologies are experiencing high-definition, intelligent and rapid development, it can be said that high-definition and intelligent joint research and development trends, has become a video surveillance industry development consensus, with the arrival of 5G era, wireless Video surveillance easier to deploy, more convenient advantages will be more play, wireless video surveillance will also be greater development, and even cable transmission monitoring split the world. 

As with the 4G network, the 5G network will provide faster wireless access rates, which will bring a different network environment for the development of video surveillance. At present, with the deepening of the construction of safe city, intelligent city construction started construction, 4G network for the industry application has been some new changes: 

4G technology to reduce network deployment costs, shorten the network installation time, security equipment providers have also introduced to adapt to 4G network of new products and new integrated solutions to maximize the needs of users. Such as wireless video experts - Creation Technology by virtue of the past few years in the field of 4G huge R & D investment, developed a series of 4G-related wireless video surveillance products, handheld 4G three anti-video emergency terminal, 4G high-definition control ball, handheld 4G Andrews intelligent video terminal, visual mobile digital emergency dispatch command system, wireless products 4G module and related to public security, fire, electricity, water conservancy overall solution. 

It is conceivable that in the future 5G network commercial and popular, in the product side will be more and more rich, more high-definition cameras, wireless DVR, wireless monitoring terminal and home mobile monitoring solutions and even a variety of intelligent terminals involved in monitoring, wearable equipment Will enter people's vision, change the current smart terminal low penetration and application results. The development of network technology will promote the security industry, network services, and further expand the development of security to prevent the market space, a variety of service operations network will mushroomed. In the 5G technology, the network, management, business will be a qualitative change, security industry in the full use of this technology will accelerate the process of industrial innovation and upgrading. 

Wireless monitoring system will be the latest communications technology and security products together to effectively enhance the use of the system value, enhance security services. With the development of 4G and even 5G technology in the future, IP, HD will become the direction of wireless monitoring, bandwidth efficiency will make the network tariff gradually reduced, will effectively reduce the overall cost of network construction, resulting in wireless monitoring fast Development, wireless video surveillance will enter a subversive era.