Smart hardware to the public BAT

 News    |      2017-10-28
According to market research firm IDC recently released the "Global Mobile Quarterly Tracking Report" forecast last year, the global smart phone shipments growth will fall for the first time to single digits. At the same time, in the wave of national entrepreneurship, policies, capital, talent are inclined to the smart hardware industry, people see the Internet of Things, UAV, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and other cutting-edge technology potential, Products to attract foreign apples, Google continued in the field of hardware and system development force, the domestic Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu three major Internet companies into the intelligent hardware industry, to promote the development of the entire industry, more and more products are moving to the mainstream market. 
BAT started the smart platform battle 

Last year, a significant trend is that technology and Internet companies in the giant has not limited to the layout by investment, have begun to launch their own system platform and products.

Domestic Internet companies, Baidu released the first smart watch system Duwer, intelligent bike DuBike, etc., but in the smart hardware industry to attract attention and discussion, quickly attributed to silence. Last year in September, in the "Baidu World 2015" open cloud forum, Baidu officially announced the Internet of Things platform Baidu IoT. Trying to "connect people and services" as the core, through the technology people from the network "perceive the real world" to break the boundaries between industry and industry to become its core objectives. 
And after three years of development, Alibaba YunOS has launched the YunOS for Wear smart wear system in October, following the layout of TV set-top boxes, mobile phones and cars, and continues to expand the territory of YunOS. 
Tencent early investment in intelligent hardware companies to layout, and relying on QQ Union platform and WeChat hardware platform to try to connect intelligent hardware. Last year in April released "TOS +" intelligent hardware open platform strategy and TencentOS system, launched based on the system of smart watches, micro-game consoles, virtual reality products and mobile phone four smart hardware solutions, more concerned about the future direction of intelligent hardware development. 
Products from scattered to the integration of mature days 
This year by the industry that is a virtual reality of the year. In recent days, HTC and integrated video service platform Aiqi Art to reach the depth of cooperation. HTC's top VR device HTC Vive will be able to play love virtual art rich virtual reality content, love art with its own leading edge technology, developed a powerful VR application, and HTC Vive depth cooperation, the user can wear HTC Vive Virtual Realistic helmet, watch the 4K ultra-high-definition virtual reality video on the Elegant Art Platform. Has been close to the trend of music that has also been in the VR side of the force, at the end of last year officially announced the VR (virtual reality) strategy, but also released a mobile phone VR helmet LeVR COOL1, equipped with a unique EUI VR version of the operating system, Lok see that only from the cloud platform to the content source to the terminal value chain vertical integration can start the VR industry, only the ecological open and ecological innovation in order to open the VR large-scale consumer market. So music as announced the establishment of China's largest VR content application platform. In addition, Tencent's virtual reality project will be based on the TencentOS system and the latest miniStation micro game console, covering games, video, social, live, tourism and other aspects, and provide content distribution and payment system. 
As a representative of the Internet companies, Tencent launched the "TOS +" intelligent hardware open platform strategy, as well as smart watches, micro-game consoles, virtual reality products and mobile phone four smart hardware solutions. With the inWatch T, ZTE AXON WATCH two smart watches released, "TOS +" strategy is accelerating. In addition, Alibaba has built YunOS has covered smart phones, tablet PCs, smart cars, smart home and smart wear field. 
In general, after a more rational 2015, entrepreneurs, hardware vendors, Internet companies are trying to make smart hardware access to users, and then improve the product features and experience based on feedback received. Under this premise, Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu, music and other enterprises may be in 2016 to bring more innovation, but also more worth the wait.