security will be sought after again

 News    |      2017-10-28
The 18th session of the 12th session of the Standing Committee of the National People 's Congress passed the "Anti - Terrorism Law of the People' s Republic of China". State President Xi Jinping signed the 36th Presidential Order to be announced. The law came into effect on January 1, 2016. 

Article 9 of the Anti-Terrorism Law provides for the identification of terrorist organizations and personnel, security precautions, intelligence information, investigation, handling of disposal, international cooperation, safeguard measures and legal liability.

The law is clear that the state opposes all forms of terrorism, organizes terrorist organizations, organizes, leads and participates in terrorist organizations, organizes, organizes, organizes, conducts terrorist activities, promotes terrorism, incites terrorist acts, organizes, leads, Terrorist activities to help, according to the law to pursue legal responsibility. The State does not compromise with any terrorist organization and personnel and does not provide asylum or refugee status to any terrorist person. 

Bill related content 

1, the state will be anti-terrorism into the national security strategy, comprehensive measures, tackling the problem, strengthen anti-terrorism capacity-building, the use of political, economic, legal, cultural, educational, diplomatic, military and other means to carry out anti-terrorism work. 

2, anti-terrorism work to adhere to the special work and the combination of the mass line, to prevent the main, combined with punishment and starting enemy, to maintain the principle of initiative. 

3, the state set up anti-terrorism work leading bodies, unified leadership and command of the national anti-terrorism work. 

4, the state encourages and supports anti-terrorism scientific research and technological innovation, development and promotion of the use of advanced anti-terrorism technology, equipment. 

5, did not establish a public security video image information system on duty monitoring, information preservation use, operation and maintenance management system, such as anti-terrorism management and operating units will be given by the public security organs warning and punishment. 

After the terrorist attacks in Paris, the activities of terrorism in the non-Middle East region began to receive attention. The fact that various terrorist organizations have entered active periods has to be concerned about any economy that needs to maintain a stable social order. In recent years, by the high international terrorist activities, domestic and foreign "East Turkistan" forces penetrate the impact of incitement, China's domestic threat of fear of violence, the Ministry of Public Security, deputy director of the Anti-Terrorism Bureau, said: Made prominent, domestic cases of violence to the people's lives and property caused serious losses. 

In the process of prevention and control, the relevant industries will also usher in the development of the opportunity, such as security industry, security industry, video surveillance, intelligent analysis, security and physical protection system and other systems are in the process of prevention and control A great effect. 

Video Surveillance 

Video surveillance is the most widely used system in the process of anti-terrorism and anti-terrorism. Through the item-by-item sorting, it is found that the loopholes and deficiencies are found. The current video surveillance system is mainly used for post-check, in the future anti-terrorism, video surveillance should change the concept, from the passive view, to a positive early warning changes. With the rapid development of video networking system hardware development, popularize video surveillance applications, strengthen the video network monitoring system platform automation and intelligent construction, to minimize the monitoring and management of the blind area, is essential for anti-terrorism. 


Large data age video surveillance and ultimately, intelligent analysis, the face of a large number of video data, intelligent analysis of technology applications to enhance the occurrence of emergencies in the early warning and prevention of the effectiveness. Intelligent analysis technology to analyze the video content, by default different camera scene in the different alarm rules, the abnormal behavior of the automatic alarm, and can generate a variety of statistical data based on massive data, in order to achieve intelligent monitoring, so that the past visual Monitoring progressively evolved into fully automated control monitoring. It is foreseeable that in the future, digital high-definition, high-definition network and intelligent high-definition monitoring products will become a tool for anti-terrorism and anti-terrorism everywhere. 

Security inspection 

In the increasingly rampant terrorist activities, increasing security threats today, security equipment is an inevitable choice for anti-terrorism. As an important system for the prevention of safety and protection, safety and inspection is becoming more and more widely used, and the demand for safety and inspection is becoming more and more. Security system mainly play the role of pre-prevention, in the event of an emergency, we must rely on other means to reduce the adverse consequences of the incident. This also requires the security system to achieve effective integration with other security systems, such as monitoring systems, alarm systems and emergency response system, so as to establish "before" and "after" effective with the security mechanism, security system to play. 

Physical protection 

At present, in the anti-terrorist anti-terrorist incidents, the physical protection plays the role of the first line of defense. Which anti-riot equipment, security glass and perimeter of physical protection products is more common professional products, involving security and physical protection related technologies, products include anti-theft security doors, vault doors, anti-theft safes (boxes), all kinds of anti-theft locks, security Glass, and other technologies and products for perimeter, import and export entity protection. Entity protection is an important professional field of China's security industry, playing an irreplaceable role in anti-terrorism work. 

In recent years, with the development of science and technology and social security needs to improve the physical protection of the professional areas are constantly expanding and expanding. Many new materials, new technology in the application of the product, a variety of electronic and fingerprint, face and other biometric identification technology is also widely used in the product. 

From the above four points can be seen, anti-terrorism and security are closely related to the introduction of anti-terrorism law not only to promote the development of the security industry, but also for the security industry to provide legal protection, indicating that the country's attention to the security industry. It seems that in the new year, the security industry also has a new atmosphere.