step into the Internet of things

 News    |      2017-10-28
Essentially the Internet of Things is a connectivity issue, although the prospects are promising, but the problem may still be 85% of the equipment is not connected. "Said Todd Matsler, director of marketing for the Intel Internet of Things business and marketing division, and the same is true of security in the same" connection and non-connection "development process. In the long run, intelligent video surveillance is Become a front-end data collection key port for many security companies to bring a new development vision. 

IP cameras came out at the beginning of this century to promote the advent of monitoring the era of large networks. With the improved connectivity of the monitoring system, the demand for intelligent is also increasing, and the scope of intelligent also includes intelligent gateways, back-end equipment and platforms, and so on. These devices through intelligent, seamless connection and integrated system, will be able to better understand the user's environment, many devices can rely on their own to make some action to respond to user needs.

"The past is the application of the entire video system is stored, playback; and now the demand lies in the video content to understand and based on the content of the various applications." Hikvision College vice president Pu Shiliang said. Based on a large number of intelligent and connectivity needs, the company this year proposed a fusion of three-dimensional perception technology, thermal imaging sensing technology, RFID, UAV aerial technology and other multi-dimensional perception of intelligent security 2.0 system program. This name means that the security industry has been completely from a single product development to system-wide, do not have the ability to integrate the system is difficult to occupy the advantage. 

The systematic driving force is largely due to the analysis needs of massive video data. "More and more data needs a good solution to manage and store, and the current market there are a variety of video analysis capabilities, as well as codec and transcoding of the various integration, as well as cloud computing, these are Is a key factor driving the evolution of video surveillance systems. "ToddMatsler said. 

Zhejiang Dahua R & D Center, deputy general manager and director of the Institute of large data Xu Yan also pointed out that the current video surveillance system is the key to dig out the structure of the data after the application. All previous mass storage and data analysis are data preprocessing, but in the end, these data will form a data collision within the industry application. This is a very complex multi-factor cross-analysis of large data applications, in the security industry and even all consumer applications have been mainstream. 

Horizontal expansion of video applications 

In the development of the Internet of Things, the importance of "image" is rapidly improving. Not just personal applications, cars, shopping malls, office buildings, all life will contact the occasion of the number of cameras installed in the rapid increase. It is predicted that by 2020, future vehicles may have 12 cameras installed. Now there are a lot of high-definition web camera use, according to IRA data, is expected in 2019, the camera shipments should be 120 million. The data generated by these cameras are expected to produce 859TB of data per day in 2017. 

In the world, video analysis of the application of more and more areas. ToddMatsler pointed out that the retail store has begun to use video analysis technology to track traffic, including store traffic, or the heat generated within the store to form a map; also includes the collection of guests in the store queue and stay time, which can be used for video analysis Technology to analyze and improve the value of business intelligence. 

It is these analytical needs to promote the development of the overall intelligent monitoring. "After incorporating multidimensional sensing technology, we can gather more information from the front end, and the artificial intelligence technology is integrated at all levels of the system," said Hippo Shinto.With the front-end camera integration more and more video technology, and now the entire system in the encoding side of the transmission, display, storage, retrieval and other links are able to reflect the value of intelligence.