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Chassis as part of the computer accessories, it played the main role is to place and fix the computer accessories, play a supporting and protection role. In addition, the computer chassis has an important role in shielding electromagnetic radiation. 

Although not very important in the configuration of DIY, but the use of poor quality of the chassis easy to make the motherboard and chassis short circuit, the computer system becomes very unstable.

The material used in this product: side plate: extruded aluminum, bottom cover: cold-rolled steel, beams: extruded aluminum, front and rear ear plate: extruded aluminum, corner, foot, foot: plastic, handle: Use the side of the handle or front fixed handle and the activities of the handle, the surface treatment for the paint. This product design advantages: you can install the wide ear or narrow ear plate, making it both for the desktop box can also be used as a plug-in box . All metal box structure, with good electromagnetic compatibility shielding performance and high thermal conductivity. Foot can make the chassis has a look at the tilt angle, foot, the station can make the box horizontal and vertical placed. (High) * 235.6,342.3,449 - <any> (high) Width) * <any> (high) Executive standard: DIN41 494 and IEC 297-3108.94 and IEEEP1101.10